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Who we are?
We are a company with passion, so we are able to offer the best, personalized LED neon lights at the most attractive price on the neon market!

Why LED neon lights?
We like ecological and durable products, our LEDs do not contain mercury, do not break, and their lifetime is up to 50,000 hours of illumination. They are safe – powered by 12V and energy-saving (they consume 11 Watt per meter of a luminous element). And the most important thing is that they are customized!

At your request, we will make your company’s logo, reproduce your child’s drawing, and much more! Our clients are very creative, we have already made neon dumplings and even fried eggs! If you find it hard to believe then take a look at our Instagram @gdziejest_neon

Our prices are the lowest in the neon market and are of the best workmanship, so don’t waste time searching and create your dream neon.

Below you will find some answers to Frequently Asked Questions

INSTALLATION- very simple, just hang like a picture, screw, or stick to the wall.
LIFETIME- up to 50.000 hours of illumination (they are more durable than glass neon because they do not break)
POWER- our neon lights have a 12V power supply that plugs into the socket.

In our store, you can see the most frequently sold designs that are not finished products. We create each ordered project according to the pattern/color/size chosen by the customer, therefore the implementation time is approx. 2-3 weeks. If your order needs to be shipped quickly, please contact us – we will do our best to ship your order as soon as possible!