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Neon for a wedding or other event – add sparkle to your celebration

Are you planning an event and want to make it memorable for all your guests? Shining neon LED lights, it’s something not to be missed! Whether you are organizing a wedding, birthday party, baby shower or any other event, neon decorations are a guarantee of a unique setting. Therefore, we will be happy to prepare a neon sign for you to participate with you in this special day.

Neon as a wedding decoration

A wedding is an extraordinary moment in every couple’s life. This is a day when everything should be perfect – from the ceremony to the reception to the decorations themselves. When it comes to decor, an elegant LED neon sign proves indispensable.

Neons do not require additional decorations, as they look great on their own. They go well with an environment full of greenery and flowers, but will also work well against a background of raw brick or wood.

Neon can become the centerpiece of the decoration and decorate the bride and groom’s table. It can serve as a decoration, being a perfect background during photo shoots. It will also work great as a dance floor decoration that will create a unique atmosphere for dancing.

Neons do not require additional decorations, as they look great on their own. They go well with an environment full of greenery and flowers, but will also work well against a background of raw brick or wood.

The options for choosing a neon sign for a wedding are many – from a romantic quote, to the names of the newlyweds, the wedding date, or any symbol with a special meaning. With such an addition, we are sure that your wedding hall will gain depth and character.

Create a personalized neon sign for your wedding

If you’re looking for a luminous decoration in the form of the newlyweds’ names or a favorite slogan, a personalized LED neon sign is the perfect solution.

Neon is more than a decoration – it’s a souvenir that, after the ceremony is over, can take root in your home. Neon will not only be a decoration, but also a reminder of this special day and the love that brought you together.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to use LED neon in your own home, be sure to check out our article “Neon for the room – a modern decoration in your home.”

Rent a neon sign for your wedding

If buying a neon sign is not an option, an excellent alternative is to rent one. At Where the Neon is, we enable neon rentals for weddings and other celebrations.

We will send and collect the selected neon from you via courier. Transport of neon signs is free of charge for you – we take on this cost.

If you’re looking for a way to add sparkle to your celebration, hire a neon sign for your wedding. This is a practical and effective way to add style to a wedding hall.

Ready-made neon signs for rent from Where’s Neon

In our catalog you will find a variety of neon signs – from simple shapes like hearts or lettering to more complex designs. Do you want something delicate and romantic? Or are you looking for something that will surprise and amuse your guests? You’re sure to find something that will catch your eye and be a memorable piece of decoration. Check out our catalog and find a neon sign that will fit perfectly with the style of your event.

We will create a neon sign for hire especially for you

Looking for a neon sign that is not in our catalog? Nothing lost! Share your idea with us. If your concept is universal and fits into our offer, we will create a neon sign especially for you. This will give you a unique decoration, and we will have the opportunity to enrich our offer.

Every love story is unique, so why should wedding decorations be standard? Contact us and we will do our best to create a neon sign perfectly suited to your wedding. Just fill out the contact form on our website.

Neon signs at other events

There isn’t an event that wouldn’t get a shine from a striking neon sign. It is a decoration that will enhance any party, bringing a truly champagne atmosphere.

Whether it’s a baby shower, homecoming, bachelorette party or bachelor party, we guarantee that neon will always be the perfect accessory. What’s more, it will become an irreplaceable backdrop for photos that you will look back on with a smile on your face in a few years.

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If you want your event to be memorable, neon is a hit. No matter the circumstances, neon always adds a spark with which every moment becomes special.

Inspirations for a neon arrangement at your event

Wondering how to effectively use neon at your event? Here are some of our suggestions for the use of LED neon lights during various occasions.

Neon at the house

Neon decoration is a great way to elevate your home party. Choose a neon sign that fits the mood of the event – it could be something fun, something inspiring, or just a beautiful shape or symbol.

Neon for baby shower

Neon for a baby shower? Why not! A sign saying “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl” or a neon sign with the toddler’s name will be ideal. This is a lovely way to add personalization to your special day.

Neon at a bachelor or bachelorette party

Hen and stag parties are full of fun and laughter, so why not spice up the event with a glowing neon sign? A neon sign with the bride’s or groom’s name, or a funny inscription or symbol, will add a unique atmosphere. Remember, everything is allowed on this day – so don’t be afraid to be bold!

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Neon LED is a decoration that will add sparkle to any party. Whether you’re holding a wedding, baby shower, house party or other event, neon will be a memorable part of the decoration and a unique backdrop for photos.

Light up your event with LED neon signs from Where’s Neon. With us you will find a wide selection of neon signs ready for rent or purchase, and if you have your own idea, we will be happy to realize it for you. You are only limited by your imagination!

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