We manufacture in Poland
We manufacture in Poland Proprietary, energy-efficient technology Attractive prices
Proprietary and energy-efficient technology
Attractive prices

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Where Is Neon is a place where passion and creativity come together to bring brilliance to your everyday life! We believe that every interior deserves a unique and inspiring accent in the form of a neon sign, which will add energy, style and an unusual atmosphere to any space.

Where's the Neon

Our passion for neon signs was born during our travels. We saw many neon signs that often lacked creativity. We decided to change that!

Since then, we have been creating unique neon signs that express the emotions and character of our customers.

Neon Where’s the Neon has lit up the world – from America to New Zealand. In Poland, they decorate the interiors of your homes, but also shine on stage alongside Cleo, or in music videos by Doda.

Our mission is to continue this remarkable business, bringing glamour to homes, businesses and important events in the lives of our customers.

See for whom and what neon signs we made

Whether the neon signs are to decorate music videos or home interiors, we put our heart and passion into each one! Check out the realizations in which we have had the pleasure of working with talented artists, companies and, of course, individual clients.

Where's the Neon

First manufacturer of LED neon signs in Poland

Lovers of neon signs and handicrafts

Many years of experience and in-house technology

Experienced team of engineers, technicians and graphic designers

Create your dream neon sign with Where's Neon!

Together we will make your interiors shine. Neon signs are perfect for homes, offices, restaurants or beauty salons. They add energy and charm, guaranteeing an unforgettable visual experience.

Why choose neon from Where's Neon?

Choosing our neon sign you are assured that it is realized by specialists who have years of experience in designing and making LED neon signs
Our neon signs emit atmospheric light making interiors more attractive
LED neon signs are energy efficient and safe for humans and animals
You will mount the received neon yourself with tape, glue or dowels
You can control the power and different modes of neon light with the controller
You get a 12-month warranty and full post-warranty service support

Get to know LED neon lights and their applications better

On our blog you will find interesting facts and tips about neon signs, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Customer reviews of our neon signs

When you buy a neon sign from us, you can be sure that it will impress with its brilliance for years to come.
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You can find more reviews on our Instagram: @gdziejest_neon