We manufacture in Poland
We manufacture in Poland Proprietary, energy-efficient technology Attractive prices
Proprietary and energy-efficient technology
Attractive prices

A logo, a slogan, or maybe a favorite #tag?

Neon signs are the perfect solution to distinguish your company and highlight its unique character. Choose a neon logo, slogan or your favorite #tag to attract customer attention and gain recognition on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

We will create any neon sign for your company

Neon logo

Highlight the uniqueness of your brand with a neon logo that adds sparkle and makes your company stand out among the competition.

Caption, slogan, #tag

Reinforce your brand message with a neon slogan or #tag that will attract customers' attention and increase recognition in the market.

Ledon jako reklama firmy.

Neon advertising

Surprise the competition and attract customers with a neon advertisement that is sure to draw attention and create a memorable image for your company.

See how we turn logos into unique neon!

Looking for a way to make your company stand out? The neon logo is a hit!

With our technology, we can reproduce any logo, logotype or signet with the utmost precision. All you have to do is send us a graphic file, photo or sketch, and we will create a neon design for you free of charge.

See how we turned a logo graphic file into a beautiful colorful neon! Send us the materials and you will receive a proposed design and a quote for implementation.

Why should you order a neon sign from us?

We are the first manufacturers of neon signs in Poland. Experience and passion allow us to create memorable projects for our clients. With us, you will receive professional advice, high quality workmanship and fast implementation.

Neon competition

Primer and design

They are most often made on Plexiglas backings, which show glue marks, cable joints and fingerprints. Plexiglas is also a brittle material.

Warranty and support

Standard warranty and limited support after expiration makes it necessary to repair the neon on your own.

Safety and certification

Using substitutes and uncertified products does not guarantee durability or safety.

Shape mapping

Limited reproduction of shapes and colors, which is crucial when creating a neon sign depicting a company logo.

Experience and reputation

Colleagues are at the beginning of their adventure in creating neon signs, which means they don't have as much experience.

Visible LEDs and blinking in the lens

Standard LEDs are conspicuous (customers call it glowing dots) which detracts from the aesthetics of the neon, and they also blink into the camera.

Plastic underlays

Plexiglas backings and plates, not only spoil the aesthetics of neon, but also have a harmful effect on the environment. These materials are fragile and delicate.

High price low quality

We went through the offer of the competition for you, unfortunately, the LED neon signs that the market offers are made with outdated technology and at a price inadequate to the quality.

Neon of our production

Primer and design

We do not use plexiglass backings. As a result, the neon signs are lightweight, sturdy, there are no traces of glue, wiring, and most importantly, we get a full cut-out effect!

Warranty and support

The longest warranty on the market (18 months) + post-warranty support by our service.

Safety and certification

We use only certified products and materials, which guarantees the quality and safety of neon use.

Shape mapping

Proprietary technology allows us to perfectly reproduce details and create multi-color designs. We make neon logos, signages and advertising slogans.

Experience and reputation

As the first manufacturer of LED neon signs in Poland, we create neon signs for companies, celebrities and television by collaborating on famous events.

No visible LEDs and no blinking

We use special components that make the LEDs in our neon signs invisible. In addition, our neon lights are not stroboscopic - they do not flash on camera.

90% less plastic than competitors

Primerless technology reduces the use of plastic, ensuring that neon is durable and lightweight while considering the environment.

We do everything to ensure the best price and quality

With us you will buy neon in high quality, created through our unique technology. Customers come back to us not only because of the prices:)

Mistakes made by other companies

A lot of companies don't care about workmanship

Realized neon signs for companies

Neon is a sensational idea to distinguish your company regardless of the industry. Working with various companies, we have created unique and striking neon signs that bring glamour and modernity to business spaces.

Customer reviews of our neon signs

When you buy a neon sign from us, you can be sure that it will impress with its brilliance for years to come.
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On our blog you will find interesting facts and tips about neon signs, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

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