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Neon Side Neon Gallery in Wroclaw – meet the glow of history

Neon Side Neon Gallery in Wroclaw is not just a place to admire vintage neon signs, it is a vibrant center of creativity. Events, concerts, cultural meetings and creative activities are held there. So if, like us, you’re a fan of neon signs or just looking for some fun – mark your calendar now for a visit to Neon Side Gallery. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

Neon Side Gallery – what is this place?

There is a reason why the Neon Side Gallery is called the most lit up courtyard in Wroclaw. It is a place that shines and it is impossible to pass by it indifferently. But it’s more than just an outdoor gallery. It is a space where life and creativity are vibrant, where artists, musicians and independent organizations come together to create and inspire.

Located in the heart of the Reception art district, in the courtyard at 46 Ruska Street, Neon Side Gallery is a true cultural center. Why visit this place? Certainly for the historic neon signs, which shed new light on the history of Wroclaw and Polish design. But that’s not the end of the attractions – there are art studios, a theater and art galleries, all open to visitors.

Whether you are an art lover, a tourist looking for an attraction, or a resident of Wroclaw, the Neon Side Gallery is a place you must see for yourself. It’s not a museum, it’s an entertainment center that brings together different backgrounds and passions to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else.

The beginnings of the Neon Gallery in Wroclaw

The history of the Neon Gallery in Wroclaw was born out of passion. In 2005. Tomasz Kosmalski, an avid lover of vintage neon signs, bought the first of them – a sign for a confectionery store – to be scrapped. Seeing how many such illuminated advertisements are disappearing from the streets of Wroclaw, he decided to act.

This was the beginning of the Neon Side Wroclaw Foundation, which aims to protect and preserve historic neon signs. In 2014, after many efforts and with the support of the city of Wroclaw, it was finally possible to create a place where neon signs could find new life and shine again. This is how the Neon Gallery was created, showcasing historic neon signs from the 1960s and 1970s and other forms of historic advertising.

The Gallery’s location is no coincidence – it once bustled with the headquarters of Reklama, the largest manufacturer of neon signs in Lower Silesia in the 1960s. “Retired” light signs have therefore returned to their place of origin.

Creating the Neon Gallery was not a simple matter. Each neon sign had to be carefully restored to its former glory. It was demanding, both in terms of commitment and knowledge. But over time, neon after neon, the Gallery began to shine in full glory.

Today, the Neon Gallery is more than a place to see old advertising signs. It is a true cultural center that hosts events, workshops and meetings, and the bright neon lights continue to attract and inspire new generations.

What can we see in the Neon Gallery?

When you enter the Neon Gallery, you will see neon signs of former companies, stores and establishments that once adorned the streets of Wroclaw. Perhaps some of them will bring a smile to your face, reminding you of the old days. Others may surprise you with their creativity and style that still looks great despite the years.

At the Gallery, each neon sign has its own story, and you have the chance to become part of this colorful spectacle. Wondering what neon signs you will see in the Neon Side Gallery? Below you will find descriptions of several of them.

The red neon sign “Wroclaw Main” will surprise you with its size. This vintage signboard, designed by the team of Tadeusz Cialowicz, once greeted travelers at the train station. Now it proudly presents itself in the courtyard of the Gallery.

Another unique neon sign is “Kino Warszawa,” which towered over the first cinema in post-war Breslau in its glory(l)years.

Neon created by Prof. Wieslaw Goluch, a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts, is a true masterpiece. It is located inside the building, but can be viewed from the courtyard thanks to its translucent walls.

The gallery is many other historic neon signs. On the roof of the building proudly displays the sign “Neon Side Gallery,” emphasizing the unique character of the place. Each of these neon signs is a piece of history that is now coming to life again at the Neon Gallery in Wroclaw.

Bring LED neon signs into your home

We love LED neon lights, so it’s no surprise that they are growing in popularity as decorations in the interiors of our homes. Neon signs bring a unique mood to any space. You will use them both as an original decoration and functional lighting.

LED neon lights, unlike traditional neon lights, do not contain glass that can break. And because they are LEDs, they use much less energy than traditional neon lights, making them greener and more economical.

Neon in the home is not just a matter of aesthetics. It’s a way to express yourself and add a personal touch to a space. Neon signs can affect the mood of household members, adding color and light to less lit rooms. They will help you create an intimate mood in the bedroom or a party atmosphere in the living room, while being the perfect backdrop for photos.

If you want to learn more about LED neon signs, check out the article “LED neon signs – modern decoration for your home or business“.

Where to buy LED neon?

At Where the Neon is, we love to create luminous decorations that become part of your homes. You can find ready-made LED neon designs, but you can also order a personalized neon sign, fully customized to your needs.

Imagine a neon LED sign with your favorite quote, design or company logo. The possibilities are almost endless. You choose the shape, color and size of the neon, and we will be happy to turn your idea into reality. Still wondering where to buy neon? Be sure to check out the article “Why you should choose LED Neon from Where’s Neon“.

If you’re planning a birthday, wedding or other celebration, and want to make it shine, you can rent an LED neon sign. It will become a unique piece of decoration, creating an unforgettable backdrop for photos or simply attracting attention and impressing guests.

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LED neon signs are a great way to bring some light and color into your life, on a daily basis and during special occasions. Now you don’t have to go to Wroclaw to feel the glow of neon lights. You can invite neon signs into your home today by visiting our store.

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