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We manufacture in Poland Proprietary, energy-efficient technology Attractive prices
Proprietary and energy-efficient technology
Attractive prices

Need information on neon?

We are well aware that many of you may have doubts and questions before buying. That’s why we’d love to answer them before they even come to your mind!

Are you thinking about buying an LED neon sign, but don't know what it comes with?

Below we have compiled for you a list of questions that customers ask us most often. However, if you do not find the answer to your question, please fill out the form and contact us.

We offer the possibility to make neon in 10 colors: blue, warm white, lemon, red, purple, navy, mango, pink, green, cold white.

Yes, we have an RGB function.

Visually, both look the same. The indoor neon is suitable only for indoor use-it is not waterproof. Outdoor neon, on the other hand, is resistant to moisture and UV rays.

If the neon sign will be exposed to splashing then it is necessary to choose an outdoor neon sign.

99% of our clients are not graphic designers, so don’t worry about anything 😊 Just describe your concept to us, prepare a supporting drawing or send us inspiration from the internet. We’ll take care of the rest 😊

Yes. Fonts made with an outline (i.e., double line) are more expensive. The cheapest fonts are written 😊

Yes. Fonts made with an outline (that is, a double line like the BOUNCY font, for example) are more expensive. The cheapest fonts are written 😊

Worth. The controller is a small cost, and allows you to change the intensity of the light (which is strong) and to change the light modes (pulsating, flashing, etc.) – such modes will be especially desirable at home😊 Changing the light intensity will allow you to use the neon as a night light.

The neon has a 12V power supply that plugs into an outlet. There is the possibility of 12V aftermarket installation on its own.

It’s very easy! It comes with special hooks that simply need to be drilled into the wall and then slide the neon into them. You can also use acrylic-wall tape (not included) and stick the neon to the wall (this solution is not recommended for very large neon signs).

We do not offer installation services. Neon installation is very easy for both indoor and outdoor neon signs.

If the neon will hang on a light-colored wall then we recommend choosing a white frame. If your wall is dark, or you want the frame to be visible then choose black.

Personalized neon signs are priced individually. We always present several budget options. Prices for the finished designs can be seen in the e-store.

Yes. Our neon signs are safe and energy efficient. Neon lights are powered by low-voltage 12V and consume very little current-about 11WAT/1 meter of luminous element.

Yes, even your writing!

The cable has an approx. 200 cm in length. Of course, this value we can determine together.

Do you need help? Write to us!

Consulting and design are free of charge, because we know that some decisions need to be rethought if you want to be unique!