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Proprietary and energy-efficient technology
Attractive prices

LED neon signs – modern decoration for your home or business

Whether at home, at the office, or at a special event, our LED neon signs add sparkle to any occasion. Enliven your space with a unique neon sign that is perfect for more than just decoration. Check out our article and find out how to choose the best neon for yourself.

LED neon, versus gas neon

Modern LED neon signs are different from the gas neon signs once found in movie theaters or retro bars. LED neon lights work on the principle of LEDs that light up when current flows through them. This is different technology from that used in neon gas, where the light comes from neon gas or argon.

At Where the Neon is, we focus on safety. Our neon signs are made using innovative production methods, so they operate at low voltage and contain no harmful substances. In addition, they are energy-efficient, allowing you to enjoy their brilliance every day without worrying about high electricity bills.

The durability of LED neon signs is our other argument for choosing them. LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours – that means years of continuous use without worrying that the neon will stop glowing! What’s more, they are cheaper to produce than gas neon signs. Thanks to this, in our store, you will find LED neon signs at attractive prices, accessible to everyone.

If you want to see the gas neon signs that once adorned Polish streets, be sure to check out places like the Neon Museum in Warsaw and the Neon Side Gallery in Wroclaw.

LED neon for the room as a modern interior decoration

By choosing a neon sign for your home, you can be sure that your interior will stand out with a unique glow. However, our neon signs are more than just decoration. Thanks to the RGB function, you can change their colors and use them as everyday lighting that will give you a cozy glow, perfect for reading, relaxing or working.

LED neon signs are an indispensable part of any social gathering. Whether you are hosting a party at home, a movie night or a romantic dinner, neon will be the key to creating a unique atmosphere.

Neon lights for the room are not only a luminous addition to your space, but also a way to express individual style and personality. It is a modern decoration that catches the eye, inspires and helps create a unique atmosphere.

If you want to learn about ways to use neon as a decoration as well as a functional piece of home furnishings, be sure to check out our article “Neon for the room – a modern decoration in your home.”

LED neon sign store

If you are looking for inspiration for an LED neon sign, be sure to take a look at our store, where we have prepared many ready-made solutions for you. Below you will find 3 suggestions for LED neon signs that are particularly popular among Where’s Neon customers.

Neon LED Cactus – The vibrant, energetic and colorful cactus-shaped neon sign was created for plant lovers. This distinctive accessory will bring a spark of dynamism to your space, creating a remarkable atmosphere.

Neon LED Pizza – This pop culture accent will give your interior a cozy feel and give you an appetite for life. Now pizza can accompany you every day, no need to count calories!

Neon LED Flamingo – The elegant, graceful neon flamingo is more than a fashion accessory. It’s a symbol of elegance that is sure to catch the eye. Break the everyday and turn your interior into a tropical paradise with our neon flamingo.

Customized LED neon signs

Personalized LED neon is like a blank canvas on which you can create anything you dream of. Express your creativity and design an LED neon sign in our wizard – choose the shape, color and style and we will turn your design into reality.

Neon sign

Are you dreaming of your own neon sign? It can be your name, initials, a quote or a word with special meaning. With our creator, creating neon signs becomes easy as never before. In a few simple steps you will design your own neon sign, which will perfectly complement the character of your home or office. If you want you can send us your idea on a piece of paper and we will create a neon design for you completely free of charge.

Neon signs

Neon signs are an effective way to stand out from the competition. Regardless of the type of business you run, neon advertising will give your business a modern touch while attracting customers.

Neon logo

A logo is a key element of a brand’s identity. So why not highlight it with neon? The neon logo is not only eye-catching, but also helps build recognition. It is a distinctive and modern solution that fits perfectly with current trends.

Neon signboard

The neon sign is a real game-changer in the advertising world. Not only is it visually appealing, it is also extremely practical – perfectly visible regardless of the time of day or night. By choosing a neon sign, you get a unique opportunity to make your business stand out from the crowd of competitors and attract the attention of passersby.

You can read more about personalized LED neon signs in the article “Custom neon signs – create your own LED neonsign”.

LED neon signs from Where’s Neon

Where Is Neon is more than a store, it’s a place where imagination and love of neon meet modern technology. Our LED neon signs are the result of proprietary technology, so that every detail of them is made with special care.

Our LED neon signs are distinguished by their precision workmanship, durability and mobility. We do not use Plexiglas backings or adhesives, which makes the neon design elegant and durable. Neon signs are lightweight, making them ideal as decorations for events such as weddings, when ease of transport and assembly are especially important.

Your safety is our top priority. That’s why we create neon signs from certified materials that ensure completely safe use. If you want to learn more about our technology, be sure to check out the article “Why Choose LED Neon Signs from Where’s Neon?“.

Our neon lights shine all over the world, we are trusted by hundreds of people including celebrities such as Cleo, Maryla Rodowicz, and Doda. We create neon signs for large companies and for television. Neon signs are our passion, and being able to share it with you gives us satisfaction and drives us to keep going.

Buy your own LED neon sign

Neon LED is not only an aesthetic addition to your interior, but also a way to express yourself, your passion, or a unique message. Why not create such a personal showcase in your own home?

Emphasize your individuality and add a distinct character to your interiors. Bring a little sparkle into your life with an LED neon sign from Where’s Neon.

LED neon signs – Frequently asked questions

Does the neon come with a power supply? Does it require a specialized connection?

Each of our neon signs comes with the appropriate power supply. It does not require a specialized connection, it can be plugged into a standard 230V outlet.

How to install a neon sign?

Installation of the neon sign is very simple and does not require specialized skills. In the set you will receive mounting hooks, which you just need to screw to the wall and then slide the neon into them. Alternatively, the neon can be mounted on the wall with acrylic tape.

How to take care of a neon?

LED neon signs are easy to maintain. Simply wipe them with a dry or slightly damp cloth to remove dust. Remember to keep the neon unplugged during cleaning.

Are we able to create any design?

With our proprietary technology, we are able to create almost any design. For complex projects, contact us to discuss the details. To do so, fill out the contact form, which can be found on our website.

What are the sizes of neon signs?

Neon sizes are varied to fit a variety of needs and spaces. Each neon sign is custom-made, so the size depends on your preferences.

Do we create neon signs from a customer’s idea?

Yes! This is what sets us apart. We give you full freedom to choose the shape, color and size of the neon.

What is the controller used for?

The controller allows you to control the neon, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the light. With it, you can set different lighting modes, such as pulsating or flickering. As a result, the neon can serve as a bedside lamp or light during a house party.

What is the lifespan of neon?

The lifespan of our neon lights is more than 50,000 hours, which, with daily use of 6 hours a day, is more than 22 years!

What colors are available, is there an RGB function?

We offer a wide selection of colors. What’s more, for those who like change, we have RGB-enabled neon lights that allow you to change colors with a remote control.

Is the neon on the backing?

No, our neons have no primer. This makes them lightweight and looks elegant on any surface. It is the best choice for those who appreciate aesthetics and functionality – without a primer, there is no worry about streaks or dirt, because it just isn’t there! Neon signs with our technology will work well on unusual surfaces such as brick, floral wall, moss wall or wallpaper.

Will we advise on color, design?

Yes, we will be happy to advise you on the choice of color and design to make the neon sign fit perfectly into your interior. Fill out the form on our website and we will be happy to help you create the perfect neon sign.

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