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We manufacture in Poland Proprietary, energy-efficient technology Attractive prices
Proprietary and energy-efficient technology
Attractive prices

On the wall, on the stage... a even in video!

Whether you’re creating a neon sign that will star in a music video or one that will hang at home. We put our whole heart into every implementation! See who we had the pleasure of working with and on what projects.

Cleo and Maryla Rodowicz

We had the pleasure of creating a unique neon sign for the music video of the song “Neons.” The realization allowed us to combine our passion with the talent of the stars. We are proud that our neon signs are the backdrop for an iconic song and have a part in music history.


We created the neon sign “GIRLS TO BUY” for the video promoting the film “Girls of Dubai.” We are glad that we could contribute to the promotion of the film and show how neon signs can be used in various ways!

Natalia Siwiec

“Love is the Answer” – a beautiful phrase chosen by Natalia. Together we have created, a personalized neon sign that fits perfectly inside, adding warmth, love and inspiration every day!


Creating a tripod neon sign was an exciting challenge! We were happy to take on the task, and the results can be seen live – the neon sign accompanies Cleo during concerts.

Friz and Crew

We have had the pleasure of working with Karol and Crew many times! The neon signs accompanied the team on exciting adventures while decorating the interior of their home.

Deynn and the Majewski family

Deynn and Daniel commissioned their first neon sign with our proprietary font, which fit perfectly into their space. We had the pleasure of creating some unique designs for them!

Lexy Chaplin

Anyone who knows Lexy knows that her favorite saying is “IT IS WHAT IT IS.” Together we created a beautiful neon sign that adorns the interior of her room, reminding her of life’s philosophy.

Julia Wieniawa

For Julia, we had the pleasure of creating a neon sign with her brand name – Jusee! The design captures the spirit and style of the brand, while adding flair and energy to the space. The neon lettering has become a great complement to the company’s image.

Where's Your Neon?

Choose one of the following options.

Buy a ready-made design from our neon store

We have prepared a collection of ready-made designs for various occasions. See if we hit your taste : )

Personalize your own neon sign

You can design a neon sign in our wizard or send us a sketch and we will do the rest.

Order a neon sign for your company

Give us an idea or send us logos. We will create lighting to make your business visible and attract attention.

Rent a neon sign for your wedding or event

Our neon signs are ideal for parties, weddings, conferences or corporate events giving them a specific character.

Realized neon signs for companies

Neon is a sensational idea to distinguish your company regardless of the industry. Working with various companies, we have created unique and striking neon signs that bring glamour and modernity to business spaces.